Louisville Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most essential element of your web page. While design and content are important, SEO rules because if potential customers can’t find you in the ether, you are literally on a different page.


At WebFoo, SEO is more than just a trick or two to make your web site pop. WebFoo SEO uses our proven process of Digital Branding to optimize specific areas of your page: Meta data, Keyword Selection, Content, Link Building, File Structure, Local Optimization, Social Networking, Competitive Analysis, Google Analytics analysis, and Sitemap Set Up.


From the parts of your page you can see, to the parts no one but your programmer will see, WebFoo SEO addresses even the smallest detail to add horsepower to your web presence. Our SEO process strives to make every bit of your page scream. And when we’re done, you will be ready to enter the webpage business race that runs 24/7, which we address with SEM.


Search Engine Maintenance (SEM) is something we do especially well at WebFoo. SEM, to us, is the real challenge because as your competition evolves, we find it invigorating to keep your site one or two entries higher. SEM keeps your SEO efforts from becoming static and overtaken. Webfoo SEM gives you an edge over the pages that just go for an SEO overhaul and hope for the best.